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Welcome to HubeKnowsBest LLC, your one stop shop for all your business services needs.

Our experienced team provides the expertise in:

  • Human Capital Services & Resources 

  • Investment Education & Research 

  • Sales Operation & Strategy 

  • Leadership Consulting

Let us help you take your business to the next level with our comprehensive services and wealth of expertise.

A Comprehensive Approach


Human Capital Services & Resources
We will provide expertise on how to acquire and assess your existing and future team(s). Whether it be tech stack or hiring methods we will guide you to the most advantageous path forward to make sure you are at the forefront of innovation and leading the industry in talent acquisition and retention.

Investment Education & Research
We utilize our network to connect you to the best in the business to provide you with knowledge and resources around making any type of investment whether it be real estate, private equity, stocks or yourself. We help guide our customers to the best fit for their goals and their needs. 

Expert Guidance

Sales Operation & Strategy
Utilizing sales experience and expertise selling across many industries we can provide information around the best tools, techniques and approaches to capturing and retaining new business while also expanding existing business. We will also help you as a client discover where to put your resources from a sales strategy whether it be inbound, outbound or channel sales

Leadership Consulting
Leadership looks different in every organization and industry. Understanding what is needed to galvanize and motivate your teams is a skill not easily acquired. We will provide access to some of the top leaders in their industry and the ability to utilize resources to continue your development as a leader in the organization whether you are the CEO or the front line manager or individual contributor looking to advance.

Business Meeting
Modern Work Space

HubeKnowsBest LLC Creates opportunities and resources for under-represented groups to have a seat at the table, fostering exchanges of ideas, commerce and growth.


 Build a community of business owners equipped with the knowledge, resources and networks needed to establish and maintain a thriving business, despite ever evolving macroeconomic factors.


5113 S Harper Ave Suite 2C, Chicago, IL 60615, USA

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